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Why The-Connections is a Right Partner for you

For every company, we know that Customer Interaction is the most important asset and same is for us as we act as an extension of your brand, when you outsource to us, so Customer Interaction is important for us too.

For last so many years, the companies have been leveraging our Services, CRM, Dialer, People, Technology, Strategy, Data Analytics and many more to delivery excellent customer experience and incremental Sales revenue.

We aim to operate with two aspects for our customers, either to Save their Existing Cost or to bring more revenue via Customer Service Omni Channel Solution & Services.

We ensure that our Customer remains with us for a lifetime by leveraging our Technology, Services and all other tools. We want keep it as personalized experience, delivery the correct message at a correct time.

We Deliver Double Dosage of Customer Service, as we Serve Our Customer & our Customer’s Customer.

* All Numbers are representative of clients outcome

We focus on delivering the types of outcomes that matter most to our clients

1 Lac+

Interaction every month via all Omni channel services*


Higher employee engagement than Industry Benchmark*


Incremental sales generated annually* via SLT Method


AHT is reduced with Digital transformation*

Make your Customer Experience Vision and Outcome based Objective a reality by Partnering with The-Connections


High Performing and Engaged Team


Our Strategy Vision Starts with your Objective


Best of latest technology to drive Customer Service & Sales and of course an happier associates


System & Data Driven process & Methods.

Our Expertise & Experience Speaks for Itself

Management with Decades of work experience in the similar business field of Supporting Customer

People, Processes, Facilities, Omni Channel Communication, Technology, Multi Lingual & Location based support makes us unique


Industry leaders with specific industry based expertise of Customer Service & Sales.


Speed to launch, ongoing optimization, zero transition risk, zero downtime relocation, people and technology ready set up


Virtual or On-Site solution ready set up with Data Security with flexibility & cost structure of WFH model.


  • CX Strategies & Consulting Design your Customer Engagement Strategy
  • Contact Centre Software & Solution Multi-channel communication on Single application
  • Invoices Management Printing, Submission, Tracking & Collections
  • Market Survey & Analysis Tele Survey, Market Research & Competitor Analysis
  • CX Database Analytics Convert Data into Actionable Insights
  • Customer Care Deliver CX 24*7 with our Services
  • Customer Acquisition as a Service Increase Sales with B2B & B2C customers
  • Satisfaction & Feedback Survey Net Promoter Score based
  • Key or VIP Account Management Corporate Customers & Special Desk Support
  • CX for Startups Grow with our Customized Business Model
  • Omnichannel point of communication Phone, SMS, Chat, Whatsapp, Email, Chatbot & AI.
  • Sales Leakage Prevention & Detection Protect your Business Loss & Leakage
  • AMC Management – End to End From ticket Generation to Payment Reconciliation
  • Back Office Support 24/7 processing and Human Intervention
  • Account Receivable Management Soft & Hardcore Collections – Global Solution

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